Lack of manpower for ICU operation

Bajhang, 8 Magh:
District Hospital Bajhang lacks skilled manpower to operate ventilators. The ICU beds have been brought as per the decision of the Far-Western Provincial Government to have ICU rooms with two ventilators in each hilly district. There is a lack of skilled manpower to operate the machine which was brought to the district last year. Although the second variant of the corona epidemic was brought to the district for respiratory patients, the bed could not be brought into operation due to lack of skilled manpower.

At the time of the second outbreak of the Corona epidemic, more than 1,600 people had been infected in Bajhang and 21 had died due to lack of treatment. Dadeldhura and Kailali were recommended for those with complex respiratory problems and died on the way. Chief of the Health Office, Bajhang, Bhanubhakta Joshi said that there is a shortage of skilled manpower for the operation of ICU with ventilator in the district.

According to Dr. Milan Khadka of District Hospital Bajhang, the connection of eight ICU beds including the two ventilators has been completed. Dr. Khadka said that the connection was made only in the first week of December. He said that the service could not be operated for a long time due to lack of manpower.

Chief of the district hospital Anvesh Koirala said that Dr. Khadka and nurse Sadhana Khadka have been trained to operate the ICU bed with ventilator at the district hospital Bajhang. Dr. Koirala said that even in the coming days, patients with complex and ICU patients can be treated in the district.

By Auther