Tourists are declining due to corona

Lamjung, Jan. 22: Tourist traffic has started declining in Ghalegaun at an altitude of 2,100 meters above sea level due to corona infection. Despite the bustle before the start of the third wave of corona in Ghalegaon of Kwalasothar Gaonpalika-3 run by Homestay, the number of tourist arrivals has been low at this time. According to the Rural Ghalegaun Tourism Management Committee, the risk of the third wave of corona infection, which started ten days ago, has started increasing in Ghalegaun.

According to the committee, out of the 200 to 300 tourists who used to come here daily, now only 40-50 tourists come with difficulty. Housing operators here are worried as tourist arrivals are being halted due to the Corona infection. Dirgharaj Ghale, a house operator in Ghalegaon, said that more than 200 tourists used to come daily even though Pus and Magh were not touristy days. He said that the number of tourists has decreased as the district administration office has issued an order not to hold any program for more than 25 people as the risk of corona infection is increasing.
Tourist arrivals had declined in the three years since the Corona transition. Ghale said that they were worried about the lack of income due to non-arrival of tourists due to Corona. Although each household operator has been earning between Rs 30,000 and Rs 50,000 a month, they have become frustrated with the lack of tourist arrivals due to Corona.

Most of the homeowners who have been making it their main source of income are worried about how to support their families when their income is stopped due to lack of tourists. Housing started from 12 houses in 2056 BS in an effort to promote rural tourism has now expanded to 37 houses.
The people of Ghalegaon and the government have so far spent crores of rupees for tourism promotion and infrastructure development in Ghalegaon. After the establishment of the republic in the country after the people’s movement of 2062 BS and 2063 BS, the SAARC meeting at the Foreign Minister level had declared Ghalegaon as a model rural tourist village of the SAARC nation on the initiative of the Government of Nepal.
Along with the hospitality, endangered cultural dances including Krishna Charitra, Lama, Sorathi, Ghabre, Pachchu, Zhaure, Chutka, Jhankri and Serga were presented to the tourists. Tourists are treated by the homeowners with home-grown organic rice, maize, millet, soybeans, rye greens, cisneo khole, local chicken, khasiboka, mutton and other delicacies.

Ghalegaon is considered to be the birthplace of the Gurungs among the indigenous tribes of Nepal and the village ruled by the last king of Ghale. Beautiful views of sunrise and sunset, natural scenery, traditional Gurung house of Gurung community, statue of Ghale king, Gurung museum, quivo dhin, seven wells, tea garden, beehive, beehive, Banjhankri Chhahra and other places can be seen in Ghalegaon. 7935 m high Annapurna Himal (second), Annapurna Himal (4th), 6963 m high Machhapuchhre / Himal, 8163 m high Manaslu Himal, 7893 m high Himalchuli, 7835 m high Ngadichuli (Dr. Hark Himal) and 6672 m high can be seen. .

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