Rural Women Enterprise Development Program becoming effective


Galkot, Jan. 22: A group of women farmers in Galkot Municipality-1, Dudilabhati has been cultivating vegetables, cardamom and fish farming collectively.

The integrated farmer group started by ten women two years ago is now becoming successful. Sumitra Karki, chairperson of the group, said that the ‘Municipal Deputy Chief Responsibility Rural Women’s Enterprise Development Program’ in Galkot Municipality has a big hand in making the business successful.

Karki, the chairperson of the same group, has now been included in the 10 best women enterprises announced by Galkot Municipality. “The Rural Women Enterprise Program run in the municipality has enabled us to move forward a lot in a year. Not only is the enterprise open, its commercialization, accounting, management and marketing are very important,” said Karki, an excellent woman entrepreneur. This program has become a cornerstone for enterprises that have been doing but not commercializing. ”

Although rural women have been running their own ventures for a long time, the entrepreneurs have not developed due to lack of knowledge about business acumen, future plans and goals. Their enterprise is not wide but limited. Many entrepreneurs are still confused about the management of the enterprise, smart financial accounting, future planning of the enterprise, marketing and employment.

In view of the fact that their enterprise is limited to household expenses, the Galkot Municipality of Baglung District has been running the Rural Women’s Enterprise Development Program for the overall development of the entrepreneur. According to Renuka Kaucha, Deputy Chief of Galkot Municipality, the program, which started with 80 women entrepreneurs, has now declared ten best women entrepreneurs in the city on the basis of competition.

“We have taught them how to make the enterprise excellent and professional. The monitoring committee formed by the municipality monitored the houses of 80 women entrepreneurs of the city included in the petition and monitored their business condition, use of technology, employment and future plans.” We selected 40 women by competing on the basis of the subject, out of which 20 women were selected again and now we have declared 10 best women entrepreneurs of the city. Their business is excellent and their future plans are very good. ”

According to Deputy Chief Kaucha, the Galkot Municipality has decided to give Rs. According to Lumbini State Coordinator Sanjay Pokhrel, the program will make a significant contribution to the women running small and cottage industries in rural areas for the expansion and development of their industries and businesses.

The 10 women entrepreneurs selected by Galkot Municipality are Karina Gharti Pun, Sumitra Karki, Prem Kumari Pun, Sita Pun, Tej Kumari Pun, Thammaya Pun Kaucha, Dhanmaya Shrees Magar, Kumari Karki, Savina Gharti Magar and Vinita Gharti. According to the organization, the women entrepreneurs have been selected on the basis of indicators such as enterprise, business status, impact on the community, marketing, financial status, and customer management. The city has stated that it will give a prize of Rs. One lakh to the best 10 entrepreneurs after re-training and facilitation.

According to the Galkot Municipality, the program will further attract rural women towards entrepreneurship.

By Auther