Enthusiasm among farmers engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry after getting soft loans

Palpa, Jan. 22: The Tansen Municipality has provided loans at concessional interest rates to farmers engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry with the objective of developing entrepreneurship in the country.

Global IME Bank Tansen Branch has provided concessional loans to 27 entrepreneurs on the recommendation of Tansen Municipality for commercialization, mechanization and modernization of agriculture sector. The municipality has provided the loan at an interest rate of 4 percent to women entrepreneurs and 5 percent to male entrepreneurs.

According to Bir Bahadur Saru of the bank, the bank has provided loans of Rs.

Farmers are happy to get cheap interest rate loans. Laxman Thapa of Tansen Baughaguwa is happy to get a loan of Rs. 900,000 at a concessional interest rate. He said that the farmers who have been raising livestock in the rural areas have been encouraged by getting such a large amount of loan. “Even if we take a loan, we wanted to increase investment and increase business. However, we were not able to cope with the high interest rate and cumbersome process, ”he said.

Mayor of Tansen Municipality Ashok Kumar Shahi said that loans at concessional interest rates have been provided to the youth to engage them in commercial production. He said that there is a need to attract more youths in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry to make them economically prosperous.

“The municipality has been investing and encouraging in increasing productivity and marketing,” he said. Has been provided. ”

Lila Bahadur Karki, executive director of Rural Economic Development Association, REDA, said that the youths are being made self-employed through commercial animal husbandry and agricultural production. He said that it was necessary to make the district self-reliant in meat and vegetables through agriculture and animal husbandry by keeping the youth in the country. He said that the youths could not become entrepreneurs due to lack of capital.

The municipality has stated that it is providing concessional loans targeting women, youth, persons with disabilities, poor, dalits and indigenous tribes who want to take the lead in business within the municipality. Mayor Shahi said that the situation of having to run to the bank with paper rather than doing business with loan and lack of access to farmers as the process is complicated is over. “You produce, we give concessions. The municipality also works to bring your produce to the market, ”he said.“ Loans will be provided to farmers who want to engage in commercial agriculture and animal husbandry in coordination with the municipality and the bank. ”


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