Vedavyas Ashram honored with Setulimaya Shakya Memorial Scholarship

Gandaki, Jan 2022-The ‘Mother Setulimaya Shakya Memorial Scholarship and Honor’ run by Siddhi-Setuli Memorial Foundation Pokhara has been dedicated to Vedavyas Senior Citizens’ Ashram Tanahu.

The organization has been honored for its contribution to the social awakening by caring for the disabled, helpless, destitute and helpless senior citizens of the society in the special closeness of women as well as cremation by women even when they are deceased. Literary writer and photojournalist Bishwaratna Shakya’s family has set up a fund of Rs. 1 million in memory of his mother.

On the occasion, senior citizen and senior journalist Bhupanidhi Pant honored the chairperson of the ashram Savitri Shrestha with a letter of appreciation along with cash. At the same ceremony, a check of Rs. On the occasion, Bishwaratna Shakya’s wife Bulu Shakya handed over the amount to the officials of the Czech institution.

Treasurer of the organization Govinda Bahadur Tamrakar, who has made significant contribution in the development of the foundation, was honored with a dosalla and a certificate at the ceremony. In the same program, a book titled “Memories of Antarman” by Vishwaratna Shakya was also unveiled.

Senior journalist Pant said that the foundation has played an important role in bringing social awareness in the society through women’s activism by respecting the successful ashram. Stating that it is important to perform the last rites with the participation of all the women even after their demise, dedicating themselves to the service of the deprived and helpless senior citizens of the society through women’s activism, he stressed on the need for cooperation with all parties in such campaigns.

Chairperson of the esteemed organization Savitri Shrestha said that she was proud to be able to dedicate herself to the service of senior citizens with the help of various organizations and individuals.

In the program chaired by Krishna Prasad Banstola, President of the Foundation, Retirement Fund Donor Bishwaratna Shakya, Coordinator of Talent Selection Committee Pramila Tavya, Outgoing President of Federation of Journalists Kaski Dipendra Shrestha, Vice President Hanif Mian, Secretary Indra Kamal Manandhar, Outgoing President Narendra Man Lalchan and others discussed about the importance and dignity of honor.

The eighth general meeting of the foundation has again unanimously selected a new working committee under the chairmanship of Krishna Prasad Banstola. Hanif Miah is the vice-chairman, Indra Kamal Manandhar is the secretary, Kalyan Pant is the joint secretary, Govind Bahadur Tamrakar is the treasurer and Rajni Karki, Pramila Tazhya, Lokdarshan Koirala and Shyamlal Shrestha are the members of the two-year term. The newly elected working committee was inaugurated at the same ceremony on Friday.

By Auther