Changunarayan will be declared a child friendly municipality

Bhaktapur, Jan 2022 : Changunarayan municipality is to be declared a child-friendly municipality on March 10. Chief of the municipality Som Prasad Mishra informed that it has been decided to declare the municipality as child friendly on March 10.

He said, “March 10 is also the founding day of Changunarayan Municipality. The municipality celebrates its founding day on that day. On the same day, we declare a child-friendly municipality by implementing child-friendly local government. We will also honor the person with various medals and decorations. ”

In order to implement child friendly local governance, the municipality has allocated a budget of Rs. 9.8 million for the current fiscal year 2078/08.

“The municipality has announced to make child-friendly municipality with investment in children as its first priority,” said Mishra. It is needed now. ”

Hari Prasad Chapagain, chief administrative officer of the municipality, said that the government of Nepal has introduced a program to adopt child-friendly local government since 2068 BS. He said that the work of the municipality would be sustainable and successful only if the community could take ownership from within.

In all the wards, the ward chairperson is the chairperson of the committee and a 15-member child-friendly local government ward committee has been formed to train the committee, collect data, prepare profiles and build child-friendly parks. Necessary work is being done for adoption and declaration of ward level orientation for the implementation of the policy, appointment of child friendly ward facilitators, capacity building training for child friendly facilitators from time to time and achievement of indicators. The municipality has already given orientation training on ward-level child-friendly local governance policy and declaration in all the wards and is conducting programs in the wards for 51 indices to be prepared to be child-friendly local bodies, said Mayor Mishra.

According to the municipality, 262 child groups and 10 child networks have been formed so far for the declaration and sustainability of child friendly local government implementation. Similarly, child friendly rooms have been managed in all the wards and child friendly code of conduct, caution board, anti-child labor pamphlet and board have been placed in 300 public places. Earlier, this municipality has been declared as fully vaccinated, fully literate and fully hygienic.

By Auther