Excavation of the palace of the great king

Biratnagar, Jan 2022:
Excavations are underway at a place called the palace of the great king at Budhanagar Bhediyari in Morang. According to the excavations carried out by the Department of Archeology, excavations at the so-called palace of the great king have revealed historical objects or ruins.

After the excavation work was started by Taranath Mishra, an official from the Department of Archeology in the place called Virat Raja’s Durbar Kshetra in 2026 BS. .

The excavation work will probably take two more days, said Gyawali. He said that while excavating at a place called Virat Raja Durbar, a historical temple has been spotted.

Although no significant objects were found during the excavation, the 34 cm long, 25 cm wide and 5 cm thick bricks used at that time were found. Other clay materials were also found there and it is said that packaging work is being done after cleaning it.

The area of ​​Virat Raja’s palace, which has been encroached by human settlements and integrated customs checkpoints, has shrunk. He said that there was no doubt that it was the palace of the great king, adding that it could be estimated that the palace of the great king extended about 1.5 km to the north-east, south and west. He said that the items found here included Simala, Puvallo, Puling, Ratna, Nilam, Granite, Lasuniya, Onyx, Red Coral and Rewest and some coins.

He said that he had found the most valuable items here since 2052 BS and started keeping them under his care and protection. He said that he kept all these items in his own museum. Due to lack of government access, its real identity could not be ascertained from the propaganda, dissemination and excavation of the area. Mukesh Yadav, a local youth, said that the Promotion and Development Committee Morang helped.

Archaeological Officer Gyawali said that additional structures including Kichkabad Pond were seen in the area of ​​Virat Raja Durbar.

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