Thousands demonstrate in Belgium against the Covid rule

Thousands of protesters marched in Brussels on Sunday in protest of a government crackdown on coronaviruses. Stating that the infection has reached a high point due to the wave of Omicron, the government has announced to intensify regular activities to control it.

The protest, which took place in the capital of Belgium and in the center of the European Union, was described by AFP as one of the largest demonstrations in the country.

It is said that the police had a clash with the police during the display. The demonstration was attended by the Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander Dacru and a security pass from Covid.

The flags of Poland, the Netherlands and Romania could be seen in the crowd. “What has been happening since 2020 has allowed people to wake up from corruption,” said Francesca Fanara, from Lille in northern France. “I have come to protest against the wrong rules.” Adolfo Barbosa of Portugal, who took part in the protest, described the rules as “dictatorial” imposed on human health. –––

By Auther