Merkel’s critics merge elected CDU leader

Germany’s liberal group, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), on Saturday elected a new leader by a landslide over former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fierce critic Frederick Merge. Merkel, who has been Germany’s chancellor for 16 years and led the Social Democrats, resigned in 2021.

Olaf Solj has succeeded Merkel from the Social Democrats group, led by a tripartite alliance with the Greens Party of Germany and the Free Democrats. The election defeat after twice rejecting Merkel’s leadership in recent years has led to the reunification of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the 66-year-old Merge as its successor.

Merge, the sole candidate from the CDU, was elected Merkel’s successor, confirming 95 percent support for the party in an election held through a virtual conference with 980 delegates. The CDU is healing its wounds after losing to Solj’s Social Democrats in the September election. Arin Lashett, a former merger of the merger, called it the worst performance in the party’s history.

“We have to be a strong opposition,” Merge said, aiming for greater success in this year’s regional elections. The new chancellor criticized Russia’s ambitions in Ukraine, including the need to take a hard line on both vaccination against COVID-19, and criticized Solj’s approach after he was elected opposition leader. Merge, a CDU-elected leader, has long been a critic of Merkel in the party.

Conflict between Merkel and Merz has been reported to have escalated over the past 20 years after former Chancellor Merkel removed Merz from the powerful post of parliamentary party chairman. In 2009, Merge withdrew from politics to relocate for financial transactions.

In the meantime, he has become a wealthy businessman, amassing billions of dollars in assets and playing a very influential role in big companies. He specifically became the investment manager for a company called BlackRock. In the meantime, he has also made a name for himself as a successful lawyer at Merge. The married Catholic father of three, who first entered parliament in 1994, has two airplanes of his own.

By Auther