Operation of birthing center at Majhkot Health Post

Waling, 28 Jan : A birthing center has been set up at Majhkot Health Post in Waling Municipality-3 of Syangja. Sangeeta Gahatraj, head of the health post, said that the number of institutional deliveries has increased with the health check-ups for pregnant women as per the health standards.

He said, “With the establishment of birthing center and the flow of services, the number of pregnant women coming to the health post regularly has increased.”

He informed that those who go to hospitals in Waling, Pokhara and other places for delivery have been undergoing regular health check-ups as per the advice of regular health workers. “We have been keeping a close watch on their status since they were pregnant and providing them with the necessary counseling,” she said.

According to Suk Bahadur Gurung, chairman of the ward and chairman of the health post management committee, the problem has been solved now. “In the past, there was inconvenience on the roads. Vehicles were not available on time.

Delivery was done on the way,” he said. Ward Chairman Gurung said that the situation of having to go home for delivery or go elsewhere has come to an end with the establishment of birthing center at the health post since last year.

As it is a remote and rural area, access to health should be extended to the rural areas, said Kamal Prasad Pandey, Chief of Waling Municipality Health Branch and Public Health Inspector. “We have provided the necessary infrastructure and equipment for the birthing center,” he said. Jiv Lal Kafle, the outgoing chairman of the Syangja Family South Korea’s Kimhae Busan branch, provided medical equipment for the birthing center at Majhkot Health Post.

The branch had provided necessary equipment to the health post for easy and institutional delivery in rural areas.

By Auther