Flood-affected say: ‘No relief, no land’

Bhajani, 28 January: The floods in the Kailash River of Achham on 18 August , 2020,  caused great loss of life and property. The floods killed 18 people and displaced hundreds of families.

Ramaroshan village municipality became the center of election representatives and people’s representatives of the states, including the ministers of the Union and the states.

Although the then Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of the Far West monitored the affected areas in Ramaroshan, which suffered the most damage, the families of the victims have been complaining that they have not received even one kg of rice from the government. A team including the then Home Minister and the Chief Minister of the state reached the flood affected area by helicopter.

In Ramaroshan-5, the families of the victims and the victims of the worst damage have received some relief but they have not been able to get any relief even after cultivating the cultivable land including paddy planted by dozens of locals.

More than half of the fields on the banks of Kailash river of Veda Raj Khanal of Ramaroshan-1 have become barren. Now that the farm has become the main source of food for the family, now it is very challenging for Khanal to raise a family. “Only 20 to 22 quintals of paddy was produced in the field.

With last year’s floods destroying most of the farmland, there is growing concern about what to eat now, “he said. Now the anxiety is growing. ” Most of the 40 quintal paddy fields of Bhakta Prasad Khanal of the same place became barren. He is also worried after the field on the river bank became a bugar.

Bhakta Prasad, who has a farm as his main source of income, says that he has lost his source of income. Bhakta Prasad, who was disappointed after the farm became a source of income for all the household expenses from the education of the children, complained that no one came back to fulfill the assurances from the state. “Everyone assured us that we would provide relief in a few days.

No one returned with relief. The village municipality even collected the damage data but it did not make any sense, ”he said. On the other hand, Malata village is at risk due to landslides due to the river.

There is no place to leave home. ” The Ramaroshan municipality had also collected data on the area affected by the floods. According to local Surat BK, the data collection is limited. “Gajad Bazaar is at risk due to last year’s floods. The farms that the farmers have worked so hard for have turned into bogs, “he said.” Even after a year and a half, the government has not been able to respond.

25 to 30 families have been living in Patekhet of Bannigadhi Jaygad Gaonpalika-6. Due to last year’s floods, the river is flowing through the yard of the locals’ house. According to Jhanak Thapa, people have to leave their homes on rainy days when it is raining heavily. “The state has been demanding relocation of settlements without embankment on the river.

The matter has not been heard yet. In the winter, we hope to build embankments from somewhere, but in the rainy season, we worry about whether we will go along the Kailash river. Jhanak said, “On the one hand, the cultivable land has become a bugar and on the other hand, the house itself is in danger.

Chakra Thapa of the same area said that his house was in danger of the Kailash River and he was moving from that place to build a house in a safe place. “After losing hope that the government would help me, I started building a house on my own in a safe place,” he said. ”

He said that despite repeated requests from the local government to the state and federal governments to protect the houses, no hearing has been held. Chairman of Ramaroshan Village Municipality Jhangkar Bahadur Saund said that the first phase of relief has been distributed to the families displaced due to last year’s floods.

The federal government has provided Rs. “We have been in constant coordination with the federal and state governments. The coordination that the Union and the state governments should have done has not happened, ”he said.“ Everything cannot happen at once. The local government is very serious about settlement expansion and relief. ” Chairman of Bannigadhi Jayagad Village Municipality Rajendra Bahadur Khadka said that Patekhet village was at high risk of Kailash Khola.

“The settlement is at great risk. The main thing is to relocate the settlement or save the embankment in the river. But that is not possible with the budget of the village municipality, ”he said. The settlement is at high risk. There seems to be an urgent need to be neutral. ” Due to the floods, the river bank section of the Jaigad-Majhethana-Ramaroshan road section has been damaged due to the floods.

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