Kathmandu. People of the last generation do not care about age, wealth and other things in marriage. Even in Nepal, there is a large number of couples who got married at an older age. But the incident that shocked the world has come not from Nepal but from Indonesia.

A few days ago, the 78-year-old’s marriage to a 17-year-old girl was discussed all over the world. But all of a sudden they surprised everyone by announcing that they have decided to sever ties with each other. Today we want to know why they finally decided to divorce after 22 days of marriage:

Twenty-two days after the wedding, the bridegroom decided that he should end his relationship with the girl. Aba Sarna, 78, of Indonesia, married Noni Navita, 17, in October. Twenty-two days after the wedding, the bridegroom announced his decision to separate from his beautiful wife. The groom has requested the court to divorce him.

After the couple made headlines on social media, they have now decided to separate. Family members of the teen are also shocked. They did not see any problem that would lead to divorce.

The bride’s sister, Ian, said she had received a divorce notice from the court. She also said that everyone was shocked to hear the news. She said, ‘Because everything was going well between the two after the marriage.

By Auther