Minister Ale’s directive to remove the encroached tent in Pashupati

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Prem Bahadur Ale has directed to remove the tents constructed by encroaching on the Pashupatinath temple area. Minister Ale, who is inspecting and monitoring the area today, has directed to remove the tents constructed by encroaching on government land in Pashupatinath area within 15 days.

He said, “Many places in Guheswari have been occupied and encroached by constructing pavilions. I have instructed to remove the pavilions built here. No encroachment is allowed.” Similarly, Minister Ale said that the Pashupati Area Development Fund would end the malpractices as it was found that there were many malpractices in the hands of the Pashupati Area Development Fund and those who had been member secretaries in the past worked arbitrarily He said, “It is seen that some places and lands have been rented out without the approval of Pashupati Area Development Fund. Such distortions will end.”

Minister Ale also informed that an initiative is being taken to manage the place of residence of Kriyaputri under the Pashupati Area Development Fund. Minister Ale claimed that hot and cold water would be managed at Kriyaputri’s place. Similarly, Minister Ale informed that the land in Gothatar would be removed within 15 days as it was encroached. Minister Ale had also instructed the officials of the fund to move ahead with the work for the management of garbage accumulated in the Pashupati temple area.

By Auther