The road leading to Pathibhara will be blacktop

The road leading to the famous Pathibhara temple in Taplejung is going to be blacktop. The roads will be blacktop in the rainy season and in the winter. The 10 km road from Suketar to Kaflepati of Pathibhara road section is about to be tarred.

According to the North South (Mulghat, Dobhan Olangchungola) Road Planning Office, a contract agreement has been signed with Kontek Construction Company in the first week of January. According to Joshua Limbu, sub-engineer of the planning office, a contract agreement has been signed with the construction company for Rs. 407.6 million.

Sub-engineer Limbu said that an agreement has been reached with the construction company to complete the construction of black paper from Suketar to Kafle Pati in Pathibhara area within two years. The distance of eight kilometers from the district headquarters Phungling to Suketar Airport under the road leading to Pathibhara has become blacktop in the past.

Manmani Kafle, executive director of the Pavibhara Area Development Committee, said that the number of pilgrims coming to worship at Pathibhara will increase after the road to Pathibhara becomes black. According to Kafle, around three lakh pilgrims visit Pathibhara every year and perform darshan and pooja. The Pathibhara Area Development Committee expects that the number of pilgrims will increase by about 35 percent if the road from Suketar to Kafle Pati is blacktop.

Due to the unpaved roads at present, the pilgrimage of pilgrims has been in full swing. Since the small vehicle brought by the pilgrims does not go on the unpaved road, the locals have to go by vehicle from Suketar and the pilgrims have been suffering a lot. Now, if the road in Pathibhara becomes blacktop, then the vehicle brought by the pilgrim is Pathibhara Executive Director Kafle says that it will be a great relief to the pilgrims from home and abroad as it will reach the area.

Hoteliers expect that the number of internal and external tourists and pilgrims will increase in the district after the blackout of Pathibhara area and this will also increase the income of the entire district.

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