Black and soft Due to today’s busy lifestyle, we don’t get much time. As a result, there are many problems in our body. In addition to this, increasing pollution is also harmful to our health. The effect of increasing pollution is most on our hair and skin.

The problem of hair loss at a young age is seen by everyone nowadays. Today we are going to give you information about some of the remedies that will make your white hair turn black quickly. Here are some home remedies to make white hair black: 1)

Amla and Rita can be used to make white hair black. In an iron pan, soak the amla and rita powder overnight. Then apply it on the hair in the morning and after it dries, wash it off with clean water. Applying this remedy 2-3 times a week, your hair will soon turn black. 2)

Applying aloe vera also makes the hair shiny. Apply aloe vera gel to the hair roots before applying the oil. Doing this makes your hair black. 3) Onion juice is also considered very useful. Apply onion juice to hair roots.

After drying, wash your hair with shampoo. Even after doing this remedy 2-3 times a week, your white hair starts turning black. 4) Fenugreek is also considered very useful for making white hair black. Soak fenugreek in water overnight and drink it in the morning and apply it on the hair. After it dries, rinse with shampoo. By doing this, your hair will become black and shiny in a few days.

By Auther