RSS role crucial in implementation of federalism, Chief Minister Raut says

Janakpur, Jan 31 (RSS): Chief Minister of Madhes Province Lalbabu Raut has said the role of the media including that of RSS was crucial in implementation of federalism. Addressing the concluding session of a two-day orientation for RSS journalists organised by the Mass Media Authority of Madhes Province in coordination with RSS Madhes Province Office on Monday, the Chief Minister said RSS should write more stories on the issues of social transformation campaign, development works and others launched by the Province Government.

“The state-owned media houses including the RSS should disseminate positive news on federalism as the country was in the process of implementation of federalism,” Raut said. The Chief Minister also pledged to join hands together with the RSS in the issues of federalism implementation and social transformation. Saying that the media should run in a free, fair and credible way without any prejudices, Raut added that the Province Government was serious for the professional and physical security of journalists.

“To understand the issues of the media sector and to develop, protect and promote this, we have constituted the Mass Media Authority and Media Council in the province,” Raut shared. Raut argued that ‘Teach Daughter, Save Daughter’ and daughter insurance scheme and some other progressive programmes for the social transformation were talked about in other provinces but they were not taken to the people within the province here due to political biases and some weaknesses on the part of the government itself.

Also speaking at the event, Internal Affairs and Communications Minister Bharat Prasad Sah said the media should write about the agendas of oppressed class and communities by keeping their issues on priority. Likewise, Province Assembly Member Ram Ashish Yadav suggested that the RSS should prioritise the issues of people as a credible and neutral media house.

Chairman of Authority Shyam Sundar Yadav presided over the event. Similarly, RSS General Manager Siddharaj Rai praised the programmes run by the Madhes Province for empowerment of women, Dalit and marginalised communities adding that it was the responsibility of the RSS to disseminate news on such programmes. Chairman of Media Council Madhes Province Shiva Hari Bhattarai, RSS Deputy General Manager Raju Shakya, RSS Executive Manager Uttam Silwal, Chief Reporter Krishna Adhikari and Executive Editor Shital Mahato expressed their opinions for objective news reporting and news agency reporting.

On the occasion, RSS senior photojournalist and chairman of National Photojournalist Group Chairman Pradip Raj Onta provided a token of love to Chief Minister Raut and Communications Minister Sah. In the orientation programme, RSS officials and reporters from all eight districts of Madhes Province were present.

By Auther