Frequent snowfall makes life difficult for people


Tuesday, February, 02 -People’s life in the eastern hill district is becoming difficult due to continuous snow and rain. It has snowed more times this time than last year.

The life of the people of the high hilly region of Ilam has become difficult due to repeated snowfall this year. Due to the cold, it has become difficult to work outside the house. Residents of high mountainous areas have been facing problems after snow fell on Tuesday evening. According to the locals, the snowfall is much lower this time than in the past.

This time, it has snowed up to the new market of Maijogmai village of the district. Nirmala Basnet of Maijogmai village, Naya Bazar, said that the people of the upper region have to live a hard life even though the people of the lower region, including the district headquarters, enjoy playing in the snow.

He said that it was snowing up to the new market this time. According to the locals, the temperature has risen in the hilly areas of the district including Sandakpur, Jaubari and Megmal.

This time, there has been snowfall at the very bottom, namely Maimzhuwa, Tappu, Naya Bazaar and many other places. Similarly, it has rained in many places of the district at night. Due to snow and rain only in the high hilly areas, winter has increased in other places of the district including Ilam. With the onset of winter, children and the elderly in particular have been affected.

Locals have difficulty in getting out of their houses in the snowy places. They have problems in their daily work. It has become more difficult to graze the cattle. In Lekali area, cutting of firewood, planting of potatoes, carrying of manure etc. are being done outside the house at this time. According to the locals, they are unable to do the same work.

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