Most people use painkillers for headaches, joint pains, muscle aches from the first gym, and a variety of body aches. Know that, such painkillers reduce your pain, as well as it especially affects your liver the most. So eat the following types of healthy and natural foods rather than taking excessive amounts of painkillers.

These foods also act as painkillers for your sore body. – This barley filled with magnesium reduces menstrual cramps in women and also gives a lot of relief to those who are bleeding. Barley also contains zinc, which helps prevent infections during menstruation. It contains nutrients that help circulate blood to the spine and back, which reduces back pain.

Research has shown that cherries, a small, sweet and sweet fruit, can repair our muscles. So it is best to drink cherry or cherry juice after coming to the gym or doing some heavy work. Also, this natural fruit does not have any negative side effects. –

Garlic Garlic has been considered as an ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Research has also shown that it works as a painkiller. Grinding garlic on the skin sores gives relief while frying garlic in a little oil and applying it on the sore joints also gives a lot of relief. Scientific research has also shown that it provides relief for swollen and sore areas.

By Auther