Kathmandu. As ‘Valentine’s Day’ approaches, the number of love songs entering the market has started increasing. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, ghazal singer Chandra Prasai’s new romantic song ‘Maya Garna Man Chah’ has been released.

Phanindra Rai has composed the music for the song. Actor Pushpa Khadka and actress Shilpa Pokhrel from the movie Mangalam Jodi can be seen in the video of the song which is trying to show a romantic love story.

The video directed by Devendra Pandey is produced by Teji Prasai. The video has been shot by Hari Humagai and edited by Bikash Dahal. The song has been made public by lyricist Prasai’s channel Prasayan Entertainment Tutu.

In the words of the sophisticated lyricist who has been writing songs for over a decade, many songs have come on the market and many have even gained discussion. Prasai, who has a permanent home in Chitwan, used to hum songs and poems since childhood. Prasai, who has been writing songs, poems and ghazals, has been living in the US lately.

By Auther