The story of Rajesh Hamal and Niruta Singh, who were played by the audience as a loving couple in many Nepali films. Lately, many music videos of superhero Rajesh Hamal have also come out. The song of Hazur Musukkai Bol,

released from OSR Digital on the eve of Valentine’s Day, is very enticing and has a very heart-pounding and heart-wrenching message. Director Jibi Agri has made the song even deeper and more powerful by revealing the heartbreaking story

that Maharaj Baldeb gladly accepted the close relationship between Rajkumar and Bisna Badi’s brother-in-law Raimati Badi. At the same time, director GB Agri is a person who has been working in directing for a long time.

Only a strong team and a big budget project have been distracting for years. The society has a positive message. Simple words but very elegant decorations really do not erase the splendor of the palace. The upper and lower castes are not rice.

In love, everything is just and love wins. Kabiraj Gahatraj has choreographed the Musukkai song while the music video of dozens of chorus dancer songs including Prince Bik, Priyana Acharya, Santosh Magarati is very catchy. The song of Hazur Musukkai Bol, filmed by Sanjay Malla, has been liked by millions of viewers. From the rest of the video: –

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