We eat a lot of food mixed together. Because some things are delicious when mixed with it. But there are also things that should not be eaten mixed together. Eating mixed can cause serious health problems. Today we will talk to you about some of the things you should not eat together. For example,

you should never eat sour fruit with yogurt. This yogurt is cold, so it should not be eaten with anything hot. Like most people eat fish with yogurt, but should not do so because fish makes it hot. According to Ayurveda, chicken and dates should never be eaten together, it can also be harmful.

Now let’s talk about milk. As you may know milk is an animal protein, fried, so eating fried food can cause this reaction. Most people eat milk with salt in tea. But it should never be done. Adding salt to milk accumulates milk protein. Fruits should not be eaten with milk.

The calcium in the milk absorbs the enzymes of the fruit and because of this the body cannot get the nutrients it needs from the fruit. This can weaken your digestive system. Always keep in mind that honey should not be eaten hot. Don’t eat honey, nauni ghee and honey at the same time. Most people like to eat lemons squeezed in boiled eggs, but it never happens. Doing so can be very detrimental to health. And there is a risk of heart attack.

By Auther