Kathmandu – Lately, we can see that many people who have become brothers by singing songs have reached Indreni, and now Palpaki Maya Darlan has also reached Indreni to sing. Krishna Kadel has also praised her very well.

Maya Darlan, her voice is no less than that of a famous artist. She has come to Kathmandu now after her interview was liked by many in the media. It is said that when you are happy, you have to dream, after doing deeds, it comes true on its own. This is how it happened. She recorded a song for the first time in the life of Maya Darnal of Palpa. She said that she was very happy when her dream came true. Watch the video.

Ranjita Gurung, a popular model from the Nepali Lok Dohori area, has flown to the US for permanent residency. She flew to the United States on Monday night with her husband, daughter and son. Viewers liked the videos of dozens of songs performed by her such as

‘Kshitijapari Unko Bastima’, ‘Phoolma Mahuri Dulne Belama’, ‘Ghamle Ni Poldiyo’, ‘Sanu Kaha Chuun’, ‘That Man Runna Hola Ra?’, ‘Preetiko Phool’. Especially, he used to act in the video of the song with the voice of singer Vishnu Majhi.

Ranjita, who has been active in modeling for more than a decade and a half, has been releasing one music video after another. Recently, ‘Bandipuraima’ is his last popular song. Ranjita is seen with folk singer Prem Raja Mahat in this song which was released two months ago.

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