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Netra P Bhandari is a name that has been in vogue for a long time. There are many sweet original songs of Bhandari who are constantly living in the company of songs. Bringing apples, bananas, orange baskets, heartfelt tributes,

destiny, forest lorries, redness on the lips are among the popular songs. There are many other songs in the market that have his voice in the music.Singer Bhandari, who has brought many songs to the music market as a continuation of the song and music field, has brought another song to the market.

Koirala’s melodious voice is full. The music video of the song under the excellent direction of Kazi Shrestha has the excellent performance of famous hero Pal Shah and famous model Anjali Adhikari. The song has been made public from Wanted Films YouTube channel. Come on in, take a look at the video for the song –

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