A very talkative but funny little brother has been found on the bank of a river in Rolpa. His name is Santraj. He said that he had ordered Viten to be released. He said that he did not have to get in the car even

when he was walking and the pilot had ridiculed him for taking him around in a helicopter without any money. He said that he married his wives but could not stay with them. Gafadi has spoken saying that he has reached 60 years of age. He says that he has lived in the US for 5 years, Malaysia for 2 years and again for 2 years.

But he says that he has not forgotten the land of Nepal and has always been able to forget the country because he loves the mountains, hills and Terai of his country. The same Santraj has brought his first song to the market. The song of “Sahi Ho Sahi Ho” has come to the market now.

By Auther