in Kathmandu. Marriage is a process that binds two heterosexuals from different families into one thread and it is socially, religiously and legally valid. And the fulfillment of desires and the attainment of this “unsatisfaction”,

procreation as well as their upbringing and socialization are the main functions of marriage. Marriage is a social process that establishes a strong bond between a man and a woman and introduces them into family life. Marriage creates a lot of responsibility in a man and a woman. Women and men are only able to take on such a deep responsibility when they are fully developed financially, mentally and emotionally.

In our general view, love is only between a boy and a girl. After all, love is what attracts the opposite sex. But love can be not only between the opposite sex but also between the same sex. Nowadays we see that boys and girls have love affair and they are happy with each other. Our society has always

looked down on the love between a boy and a girl. Some time ago, a gay couple went viral on social media with Ram Gurung and Surendra Pandey who got married by playing the baja with pomp and circumstance. I have dared to identify. They openly talk about their inner selves in interviews. He also said that in the past, others would rather die than such a six eunuch. Watch the video

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