The beauty of a person is basically centered on the face. So you want your face to be clean and shiny. However, the spots on the face play a villain. In addition, a black dot above the nose looks very bad. Which is popularly known as ‘Black Heads’. Such a black dot can be seen from a distance.

No matter how many measures are taken, these dots do not disappear permanently. What causes it and what is the permanent solution? Pollution The main cause of black dots on the nose is environmental pollution. Pollution accumulates in the hair and causes it.

Dead skin, dust, soil particles and dirt accumulate in the fine pores of the skin. This closes the pores and the dirt accumulated in them appears as black dots. The small pores on the nose work to retain moisture. These pores keep the skin naturally cool. When these pores are closed, you have to face various problems.

There are some remedies that need to be practiced. Let’s learn about those measures. Closed pores can be reopened with a steam treatment. This is an effective method. It benefits the skin. It can also be done with the help of treatment cleanser. Let’s use a gentle facial cleanser with lukewarm water.

Wet your face and massage lightly with the help of cleanser for 1 minute. When massaging, pay special attention to the nose and nostrils and massage there. After one minute, wash your face with hot water. After steaming, do this. After completing the process, wipe your face lightly with a soft towel. This will open the pores of the hair and get rid of the skin problem related to pores.

By Auther