Kathmandu. Popular singer Sunitami Pariyar, who was born in Sandhikharka of Arghakhanchi district, has released her song ‘Rumal Satna Pardain’. The song has been released from Khem Century YouTube channel on Friday.

Teju Sunam has written the popular song ‘No need to change handkerchiefs’. Singer Sangeet, Orange Shyamswet Rasaili and Basuri Ratna have been sold. Khem and Keki Adhikari have modeled in the same music video. Also the audio-video of the song belongs to the culture music tradition. The audience is expected to like the new style folk song ‘Rumal Satna Pardain’ as before.

Tic Tuk is a very popular app not only in Nepal but also around the world. If you look at it now, there are millions of such users. She doesn’t have one hand, but if you look at her art, even if you have two hands, you can’t do it.

She has given happy news to all the spectators including Chintak. Recently, she got married. She was very popular in the field of music and soft tick without a hand. Komal, who is married to Ayanas, had said some time ago that she was in love.

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