The folk song of the song has now become public in the market. The audience has the same interest in any song music but a little craze is seen in folk rehearsals. Most of the folk singers seem to be very busy at this time. Some are busy shooting videos while others are busy recording songs. Popular singers Pashupati Sharma, Yagya Sapkota and singer Tika Sanu. It has been made public.

The video has been shot by Birendra Bhatt, directed by Madan Khadka and edited by Bikas Gyawali. The song features Arjun Sapkota, Astha Thapa, Tank Dumre and Bebo Acharya. Don’t forget to give feedback and suggestions. Watch the video:

This is the supernatural secret of the origin of Halesi Mahadev
Kathmandu. When one reaches Halesi Mahadevsthan, a holy shrine located in Khotang, an eastern hilly district about 300 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, one gets a wonderful feeling of what kind of world he has come to. The Dudhkoshi River,

which flows through the border of Khotang and Okhaldhunga, encircling the Halesi Cave, will be one of the Kaushiki rivers mentioned in the Mahapuran. According to the locals, in the Satya Yuga, there was a forest around the Halesi temple

where tigers, bears, squirrels, deer, jarayo, kaliz, titra etc. were found in abundance. The cave containing Shankara and Devidevata was in a state of jealousy. No one knew that there was a cave there. According to the story, at some point while a hunter was hunting, a deer injured by the hunter’s fight fell into Shivaji’s cave.

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