The 70-year-old man and the 20-year-old Puja, who are in the process of giving birth to a child, have received so much help (watch the video). Singh Prasad Limbu, 67, of Chulachuli Gaonpalika-3 and Pooja Limbu, 21,

have gone viral after getting married. Pooja, who is physically disabled and Singh Prasad Limbu, who has reached old age, is in a miserable financial condition. He doesn’t even have a fast moving house to hide his head. The old man says that there was only Bijok in the house where only the youngest grandchildren and the old man lived.

She said that she got married to an old man as no one would marry her and she would not stay with her even after getting married. The condition of the house is very bad. The eldest son of the 67-year-old grandfather has been admitted to Bir Hospital due to illness.

He has asked everyone to help financially to treat his son. You can contact 9811356374 for assistance. Viral Baje has requested for financial help for the treatment of his son. Also, the 5-year-old son born from Puja’s ex-husband has spoken about making everyone’s heart cry.

By Auther