Priyanka Karki’s daughter Ayanka’s ‘Paasni Celebration’ is still very popular (with video). This is also the most popular app not only in Nepal but also in the world. Viral Komal is also one of them. Lately, she has become famous for her art.

She doesn’t have one hand, but if you watch her art, even if you have two hands, you can’t do it. She is also full of art, but now she has given good news to all the spectators including her auspicious thinker. Recently, she got married. She was very popular in the field of soft music and music without one hand. Komal, who is married to Ayanas, had said some time ago that she was in love.

She said that they got married after being in love for a few months. Komal, who got married interracially, said that she is very happy now and her family has accepted her. Ayan said that they are in a love affair through their acquaintance and conversation through Facebook.

He also said that he had invited Komal, who is very popular in the music industry, to celebrate his false birthday. Despite having a normal conversation on Facebook, Ian says that they have been close since they celebrated the same false birthday with Komal.

Talking on Facebook, Komal says that the marriage was quick after their love affair as they are from the same place. She said that she got married to Ayan as she was thinking of marrying each other rather than getting married.

By Auther