Prakriti Malla, who holds the world record for the best handwriting in the world at an early age, is not known. Her handwriting has gone viral not only in Nepal but all over the world. Lately, she has become more popular on social media.

The secret of her success is revealed in this way. Prakriti Malla was studying in class 5 in nine years. While in the same class, Malla got a copy in her hand. Abhishek Lopchan’s brother who is studying in the upper class of the same school.

As her daughter’s handwriting was better than that of other students in the class, her father Pralhad Kumar had brought home a copy of Lopchan to show her nature. “As soon as I got the copy, I couldn’t say anything.”Recalling that moment seven years ago, 16-year-old Malla said, “I flipped the copy.

I thought it was possible to write such an unbelievable letter.” “From that moment on, I thought I would write ‘Unviable’,” she said. She practiced daily with the same commitment. At that time, the result of a class 8 student of Sainik School in Bhaktapur came out.

As if typed by a typist, grains of monotonous letters, clean without any ceramite, attractive looking, attractive letter. Her handwriting went viral on social media after she excelled in the Valleywide Inter-School Handwriting Contest.

The handwriting, which has been circulating on Facebook and Twitter, has been shared by thousands, with millions of likes, comments and tweets. Comments on social media have been “surprised” by her character. “Wow,” is another response from many, “God gifted handwriting.” She is still in the media in India and around the world

By Auther