Police in New Jersey, USA, have managed to catch a one-month-old baby who fell from a second-floor porch without being allowed to fall to the ground. Had tried But the man eventually dropped the baby and left.

Mayor Steven Fulop has posted about the incident on his Instagram post. Police officer Eduardo Matute managed to apprehend the child.Police have arrested the person who threw the baby. The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that the police had acted “bravely” in rescuing the child. The baby was taken to a nearby hospital, but was discharged with no health problems.

If you know how to use Ghu Kumari in this way, you will be free from dozens of diseases, a miracle in beauty

In Kathmandu, Ghukumari is an herb. It is easily found in almost everyone’s home. It is planted on the roof of the house in the city market, in the yard and in some places it is cultivated. Ghukumari is considered as an ayurvedic medicine.

It is very beneficial for health. Ghukumari works as a medicine for various diseases. Consumption of Ghukumari is very beneficial for human health. It is easily found in all seasons. Let’s talk about the benefits of consuming Ghukumari. Eating Ghukumari juice improves blood circulation and does not increase the problem of cholesterol. Cells and cells of the body are damaged and the juice of Ghukumari is restored by eating.

2. Ghyukumari mixed with water to get rid of the problem of constipation and defecation. If you have stomach and chest pain due to indigestion and gas formation, it is better to eat Ghukumari. Ghyukumari juice is also beneficial for diabetics as it balances the amount of sugar in the body. Its daily consumption enhances the beauty of the face and also strengthens the hair. Nowadays, Ghukumari can be found in the market as a cosmetic product, its gel, body lotion, hair gel, skin gel, soap, facial foam, beauty cream.

By Auther