Her popularity is growing, especially on social media and YouTube. There has been a lot of change in the tailors who have become a hit on YouTube. The story and character of the movie seems to be like the life story of Ashok Darji. He had dropped out of class 2 due to his poor financial condition.

Until a few months ago, he used to collect money by singing in the Bhutanese refugee camp Beldangi, Damak. The money collected was used to buy food items like salt, oil and rice for the family.

Ashoka had come to help him and his family in earning a living by singing songs. He was a small man but he had a big responsibility. He went viral overnight after a video of him singing on the street and asking for money was suddenly uploaded to a YouTube channel.

Ashok Darji, who has been teaching by Tank Budhathoki. He has been with Ashok Tank from the very beginning. There is also a legacy. Now Ashok’s aunt is very worried and has lost her life due to uterine cancer. Ashok has come to her aunt’s house in Jhapa to console her and help her. Watch the video: –

By Auther