Ratnapark is the heart of the capital Kathmandu. The queue for vehicles to return home from setting up shop on the sidewalk makes Ratna Park even more crowded. But this Ratnapark has become disgusting lately,

since 6 pm, the people here have been buying colorful nights. The Ratnapark has become the focal point of this last time. The situation is similar at Gongbu Bus Park. The market on the sidewalk of Ratna Park has filled the stomachs of hundreds of families,

but in the evening, this Ratna Park becomes the market of Yau. About 100 of these workers are in Ratna Park. Even among these “no” workers, groups of transgender and women are different.Depending on the group, they have different places to hang out.

But it is very difficult to sell these sex workers, since they are always the same sex workers, they do not have a choice, but there is no shortage of them, but they do not want to buy sex with money. Even the police have not been able to control their public outcry.

The “la” waves are also behind the non-sale of these “no” workers. The “la” waves also come here and when they see a person standing there, they provoke him by asking many questions and saying that he has a fresh college student and he can contact you safely. Watch the rest in the video below: –

By Auther