Normally a mother gives birth to one child at a time, sometimes it is considered normal to have twins, but in Haldibari of Jhapa district, after 11 years of marriage, a mother has given birth to three children at once.

The mother has given birth to three children including two sons and a daughter. The mother named her sons Ram Laxman and her daughter Ganga. Even the grandmother of the children named Krishna Kumari Parajuli is happy to see her grandchildren playing at the same time after 11 years.

The name of the mother of three children is Nisha Parajuli. But sadly, she said one child was still in the hospital and had two children with her. She also wished the sick child a speedy recovery. Her three children were born and died.

She said a son and daughter died within a few days of birth and a child was wasted when she was two months old. She says she had to give birth to a baby less than a month ago because it was difficult for her to survive. The child is also called the form of God, but for him these children have come in the form of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Watch the rest in the video below: –

By Auther