Recently, folk rehearsal songs have made great strides. Nowadays, people who do not like folk rehearsals are hardly the same. Laxmi, who is studying in the third year of BBS, is currently studying in Kathmandu.

Laxmi, who has been mourning singing since childhood, says that she used to hum Bishnu Majhi’s songs a lot. Laxmi, who has won the hearts of everyone with her melodious voice, is also happy to be compared to Bishnu Didi by going viral on Tiktak.

Tika Sanu is a successful folk singer who has made a name for herself through live rehearsals. The strength of his admiration was his ability to respond to such repetitive questions by eye to eye. The number of supporters who like him on social media is increasing day by day.

You can listen and watch dozens of his live rehearsals on YouTube. The number of songs that have been formally recorded has also reached dozens. The many charitable works done by participating in the Indreni program not only made him popular but also established him as an artist as well as a social worker.

Her simple lifestyle, compassionate mind, selfless thinking and her own compassion for the suffering of others have made her the darling of millions of listeners. Through the Indreni program, she has collected relief with the help of her throat and art and has worked to revive many sick, sick, helpless and people in distress.

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