Kathmandu: A 17-year-old singer has lodged a complaint with the police against actor Pal Shah alleging that she has been treated unfairly. There is a legal provision for severe action. But a complaint has been lodged in the incident which has been going on for almost a year now.

In the meantime, it has been revealed that there have been frequent meetings and dialogues between the family of the girl and Pal Shah. But after a complaint was lodged against him, Pal Shah also made public the audio saying that his own friends had conspired

against him by picking up the girl and now a new twist is coming in the incident.In the audio released by Paul, his manager Krishna Joshi has admitted that he was wrong against Pal Shah and that his group had conspired to seduce Paul.

Since then, the story of Emperor Chaulagai has become public again. He confessed that he had called her and that he had helped her.The emperor said that he had reminded Paul that he should not be too close to the girl,

that he was a minor and not too close. But Paul said he did not listen to them. However, after the program of Baglugang, the teenager called him and said that he helped him. Paul said that he did it to save himself. He said he was ready to stand up to the law. Listen to the audio of a YouTube channel’s phone conversation with the rest of the emperor Chaulagai in the video below:

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