Kathmandu: Pal Shah is now out of touch after he was accused of raping a minor singer. The subject of hero and model Pal Shah and the new singer has been revealed to everyone. The recent allegations against her have caused a great deal of controversy and anxiety among her fans.

There is a legal provision for severe action. But a complaint has been lodged in the incident which has been going on for almost a year now. In the meantime, it has been revealed that there have been frequent meetings and dialogues between the family of the girl

and Pal Shah.Some say Paul deserves justice because he is innocent, while others say he deserves to be punished. As the incident has taken legal action, some have said that they will have to wait for the court in this regard. While this incident is becoming a subject of waiting for everyone,

another new twist has come in this incident. Now these mothers have made public a very serious matter through crying media. She has revealed that her friends who ate at the same plate have betrayed her. Giving an interview to a media, the mother said: “There is an attempt to seduce the minor singer and Pal Shah.” A conspiracy has been hatched to bring these minors forward.

By Auther