Kathmandu: Actor Pal Shah is currently the subject of controversy in the Nepali art scene. A complaint has been lodged against a minor singer for tax evasion and she has been at the center of the controversy.

A complaint has been lodged against Shah at the District Police Office, Tanahun on behalf of the victim’s father. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Thursday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.In the complaint,

it is mentioned that during the shooting of the music video, Shah tried to tax the minor and in the end, after showing the temptation of marriage, he taxed the body. Police have now been mobilized to arrest Shah. The issue of whether Shah is guilty or not will now be decided by the law and the court. Some have even defended Pal Shah.Meanwhile, it has been revealed that singer Jyotish has gone to see the future with Sabita Mata.

Sabita’s mother also said that she had reminded him not to marry her and to leave the boy. She has given an interview to a YouTube channel saying that she will not be good with Paul under any circumstances, so I told her 6 months ago to separate now. Watch the rest in the video below

By Auther