Kathmandu: The Nepali entertainment sector is heating up over the relationship between actor Pal Shah and the singer. Different opinions are being made public about the alleged intimate relationship between the two.

In which Paul can be heard lying with some friends and even talking about marriage. While the singer is mentioning that she has all the evidence against Pal, Pal Shah has said that she was provoked by someone.The next day, the audio of the singer who was seen with them became public.

The audio of Paul’s speech is also being made public. After the audio became public, Paul has tried to protect himself by writing a long status. Paul posted a lengthy statement on social network Facebook. Police have been mobilized to arrest Shah.

The district court had issued an arrest warrant against him on March 25.The District Police Office, Tanahu has written to the Metropolitan Police Complex, Kathmandu to assist in the search for him. Paul is a popular actor in Nepali movies and music videos.

By Auther