Kathmandu: Pros and cons are coming up on social media after a teenager filed a complaint against actor Pal Shah. People who have nothing to do with the incident have also shared their views on social media. According to the law,

it is illegal for a minor under the age of 18 to have contact even with the consent of the child. But Paul has been claiming that he is innocent. He had released a video before surrendering to police. Wrestler Muna has also made public his views on this issue.

She took Paul’s side and said that the incident should be raised immediately. She said she had the same problem as the teenager but that she would never make it public now as she had not been able to make it public at the time.

She says that even such a big event should not be kept secret for a long time and money and other things should not be valued. After Paul surrendered to the police, now the crowd of media workers and film workers is in Tanahun. Paul’s fans have gathered in front of the police office. Actor Pal Shah has been remanded in police custody after a 17-year-old singer lodged a complaint against him. On the fourth day of the complaint, he surrendered to the police. Police have started investigation into the incident.

By Auther