Kathmandu: Singer review officer has been in the news lately. He said that many songs full of voice have got good discussion in the market. However, the desire for review will not be limited to singers. She has also expressed her desire to become an actress on the screen of the movie.

According to Samiksha, she has been interested in singing as well as acting since childhood.”I really want to act in a movie,” she said. But, not immediately. ‘She said that she is thinking of acting in a movie after 4-5 years. The reviewer said, “Right now,

I am giving priority to singing. On top of that, we have to focus on our studies now. ‘Plus Two’ or ‘Bachelor’ is the thought of becoming a nausea.The reviewer said that after she sang the song ‘Kahan Aumchh Wa Ghumer’, the media did not find her and now they are looking for her. She revealed that she wanted to be a more permanent singer than Viral. She said that she felt ashamed while acting in the video.

Her father, who had been working in Qatar a few years ago, came to Nepal after his daughter’s song went viral. The review is not only in singing but also in doing housework with the same interest. You can see it in the video below. Watch the video:

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