Kathmandu, October 7: CPN-UML’s Far Western Province in-charge Lekhraj Bhatta called on party vice-president Dr. Bhim Rawal has said that there is a problem in understanding the 2nd of May. Talking to Rishi Dhamala, a journalist for Nepali Debate, a program on Nepali Radio Network today, Bhatta said, “The current dispute in the UML is not a personal problem of Bhim Rawal and me. He claimed. He added, ”

Who can say that the 10-point agreement has not been implemented? Due to its implementation, conventions were held from every ward to the municipality. Now the representative is being elected. It is up to him to accept or reject the party’s decision. Due to the continuity of May 2, he is the party vice-president. He talks on the phone, he doesn’t come to the meeting. If there is any dispute in this, the center will resolve it.

”He also said that no new membership has been distributed as stated by Bhim Rawal. He said, “New membership has not been distributed in the party. It has only been renewed as per the party’s policy. Even if there is some fraud in it, it will be investigated. I have never done factional politics. I don’t know anything about it. ” He added, “We are trusted by the leadership and the general workers. Therefore, there is no reason why we should not get leadership.

We have come forward to say that it is a new UML with unification. I don’t think there will be any problem in the coming days. ” He said, “I do not see any dispute in the party leadership. I have not seen his alternative. No one seems to be looking for an alternative. Leadership is an idea. Despite some setbacks, the UML has not been weakened due to its leadership. When power is lost, when it will come. ”

By Auther