Many were trying to find out, what is the condition of this couple? Today, after a 35-day hospital stay, the couple is finally going home. I pray to God that no matter what happens in the past, the present day will always be a happy day.

Eight people were killed and five others were injured in the accident. Among them, the bride was also seriously injured.Today, the couple managed to save themselves from death, but lost many things. The bride’s right hand is broken. The sister of the bride who went to Lokanti has died.

The bridegroom has lost seven relatives, including his sister. The groom’s brother-in-law and brother-in-law were also seriously injured. The procession left the bride’s house at around 11 pm. The news of the car accident reached the family home at 5 in the morning. The jeep (Ga 1 Ja 5092) heading to Liwang of Gaumukhi village carrying the bride from Lung Lekh of Naubahini village had an accident at Okharpata on Friday night.

Rima GC and Dan Bahadur Khadka have been discharged from the hospital after a month-long treatment. But they have not been able to go home as the jeep dealer has not paid for the treatment. The right hand of Rima, the bride who was injured in the accident in which eight people died, has been amputated. Watch the video for full details.

By Auther