This issue has been in the news since last year when a minor singer filed a complaint against actor Pal Shah on social media along with media in Nepal. The issue is also being watched with interest as a complaint has been lodged against Shah,

popular in the music video. After his detention, some are in favor of Paul and some are in favor of the victim girl. “It simply came to our notice then.Karishma has given her answer after being criticized for speaking in support of Pal Shah. Karishma is a beautiful actress in the Nepali film industry.

She has given many hit movies. Now, the heroine Karisma has turned to politics, but she has not given up her art. Most of the time, the audience likes Rajesh Hamal’s duo. She has played a big role not only in herself but also in the nation. She is also known as the most beautiful heroine in Nepali silver screen. Watch this video

By Auther