A pregnant woman in Peshawar, Pakistan, arrives at a hospital in Islamabad after being unable to retrieve Qila Chimta. She unknowingly asks for Chikitsak’s help, saying that a nail has been planted in her head.

Her hospital staff is suspicious of her own two-and-a-half-inch-long fort. Then she is forced to tell the truth. In fact, it was the same blind man who had nailed the woman to the head. Dr. of Lady Reading Hospital. Haider Khan told the BBC that the woman was “fully conscious but could not bear the pain”.

According to the Pakistani news agency Dawn, the woman went to Dhamiko after a neighbor’s statement. According to hospital staff, the woman has three daughters. Her husband has been threatening her to leave the house if she gives birth to another daughter.

She is three months pregnant. Due to her husband’s threats, she turned into a superstitious person, ‘said a hospital staffer.This belief is especially prevalent in northwestern Pakistan. In a tweet, Chief of Police Abbas Abbas said that a special investigation team has been formed to bring the culprit to the law house. ‘Ask the four’ and have an interview. The woman was on her way when the staff removed the nail from her head.

By Auther