Tanahu, Kartik 22. There is an increase in playing deus ex machina not only for fun but also for various social activities. Recently, various organizations have started associating Deusivailo with social work.

Locals affiliated to Amar Singh Marg Toll Development Association of Beas Municipality-2 have collected money by playing Deusivailo for the installation of CCTV cameras in the toll road. As it is necessary to install CCTV cameras in the toll of 35 households, Rs. 62,105 has been collected from Deusivailo, said toll chairman Haviv Khan.

“It has become very necessary to install CCTV cameras in the toll road. CCTV cameras are needed to maintain peace and security and control crime,” he said. He informed that they have decided to play deus ex machina to connect CCTV cameras on the advice and suggestion of Tolwasi. According to him, CCTV cameras will be purchased with the additional amount collected from Deusivailo. During the festival, the toll was first discussed in the Damauli market area by installing flickering lights.

By Auther