According to astrology, every metal affects us because it is all the game of the planets in the solar system. Each metal is associated with a particular planet. These planets affect the metals according to themselves. Jewelry made of copper, silver, gold or expensive gems or diamonds, all of these things either have a positive effect on us or it also has a negative effect on us.

According to Pandit Prafulla Bhatt, if you want to make it, you should know about the auspicious and inauspicious effects of gold and how to use it. Wearing gold on the feet can cause problems in marital life and can also lead to poor health. Keep gold in this direction of the house: Some people keep gold in the house. So if you keep gold in a drawer or locker, keep it in the north-east of the house. Also keep saffron with gold.

This brings prosperity to the family. Don’t wear gold by pregnant women: Avoid wearing gold by pregnant women and the elderly. You can wear less but if you wear more, the problem may start. If you want a child: If you are not having children, apply gold on the ring finger of your left hand. Gold gradually shows its effect and chases away the planet that prevents child yoga. Don’t take gold from any stranger or unpleasant person.

Finding and losing gold: Finding or losing gold is also considered inauspicious. Loss of gold can lead to fights or disease. Keeping the gold found at home will increase the cost. To make married life happy: To make married life happy, wear a gold chain around your neck and a gold ring on your index finger.

By Auther