Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabra Pelerai has concluded that he will move forward. ad The judges have been agitating by boycotting the benches since October 25. Jabra has now made a strategy to move forward with Pelerai.

Jabbar had scheduled two single and four joint sittings on Monday. Similarly, the Supreme Court has not been able to hear cases other than habeas corpus as per the conditions of the judges. Chief Justice Jabra has been preparing to hear all the cases from Tuesday.

“It will not happen like this now. Thousands of cases cannot be stopped for a long time,” a Supreme Court official said, quoting Jabra. Stopping hearings in the name of the movement is illegal and unconstitutional. Jabra has been raising the issue of habeas corpus for a week now.

According to the source, Jabra has come to such a conclusion as the service recipients were hit when all the work at the apex was halted. ‘Please see what the judge sees. “The Supreme Court cannot always continue to do injustice to the service recipients,”

Jabra said. The junior judges of the Supreme Court are dissenting against the movement to run the case without looking at it. Although the senior judges are in favor of agitation, the junior judges are in favor of hearing the case.

By Auther