Kathmandu. Problems such as hair loss, premature flowering, and roughness are plaguing many. Many people have used a lot of chemicals to prevent this problem. The use of chemicals can even add to the problem of hair loss rather than prevent hair loss. So home remedies can be used to get rid of such various problems.

These home remedies help to make hair long, thick and strong without any side effects. Follow these tips to make hair long, thick and strong: Grind neem and bay leaves in water and apply on the scalp. Wash your head after two hours. Using it for a month will stop hair loss and new hair will grow and grow a lot.

Grinding lemon seeds and applying it on the hair follicles makes the hair grow. To avoid the problem of hair loss, add a little fenugreek seeds in coconut oil and cook. Then strain the oil and put it in a bottle. Use this oil regularly.

This will make your hair long, thick and black in a few days. Put fresh lemon peel in water and boil it until the peel is complete. Gently rub the water on the scalp. It removes all the dirt from the scalp and also prevents hair loss.

Massage amla juice on hair. New hair will begin to grow on the damaged area. If hair starts to fall out more, make a paste by rubbing opium in fresh cow’s milk. Apply on hair two hours before bathing.

Applying garlic oil does not dry hair. Hair loss stops. Boil the lentils and grind them in a saucepan. Apply on the scalp. Boil 100 grams of neem leaves in one liter of water. Wash your head with it. The blisters on the head will disappear. Also, hair will begin to grow on the affected area. After washing the head, apply neem oil.

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